The Future of Fintech: Simplifying Data Access and Streamlining Your Solutions

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Join FinGoal and Quiltt as they discuss the evolution of data access platforms (DAPs) and the importance of streamlining financial data for modern fintech applications. In this webinar, we'll be demystifying DAPs, exploring what they are, why they exist, and their strengths and weaknesses. We'll uncover the cool things you can do with this data to help consumers and explain why this powerful combination of solutions is essential for today's fintech innovators.

If you're already using financial data in your application, this webinar will help you evaluate your data strategy and identify potential upgrades. If you're just getting started, we'll show you how to overcome code barriers and get up and running quickly. No matter what aggregator you use, the future lies in leveraging multiple solutions in an interoperarable manner. We're excited to show you how to break free from the old, inefficient ways of working with financial data.

Learn how this partnership empowers financial builders to:

  • Understand the benefits and history of data access platforms

  • Discover the value of combining multiple data solutions under one platform

  • -Simplify processes and enhance data quality with unified solutions

  • Start or scale your fintech application with ease

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