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The Quiltt Advantage

Enable Data Partners

Select the data partners that best suit your needs. There's no obligation to lock in with any specific one.


Utilize GraphQL to seamlessly query and manipulate your user's data. It offers a flexible and efficient approach to interact with complex datasets.

Create and Customize Connectors

Within the Quiltt Data Platform, you can create each Connector with a number of modules to craft the perfect onboarding experience for your product.

See All Your Users

You can easily view all active users engaging with your application. This data is yours, emphasizing ownership and transparency in our platform.

Fast-Track Your Fintech Experience

Deploy financial experiences with the agility of startups and the stability and scalability fit for enterprise operations.

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Developer Friendly

We provide the tools, resources, and support necessary for developers to take full control of their creations, ensuring they have what they need to build without boundaries.


Our API specializes in effortlessly integrating with diverse financial systems, ensuring real-time synchronization, unparalleled security, and consistent uptime. We're committed to future-proofing your connectivity, backed by a dedicated team for unwavering support.


Utilizing industry-standard security protocols, we ensure that your data and transactions are safeguarded at the highest level. We're actively working towards achieving Soc2 compliance, reaffirming our commitment to advanced security and trustworthiness in our operations.

Discover what you could build with the Quiltt Connector

Quiltt's unified API is a seamless integration, empowering you to construct personalized financial functionalities, like Round Ups workflows, with efficiency and scalability.

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Ready to roll up your sleeves? 
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