The Tech Behind the Change:

A Deep Dive Into How Quiltt Shaped Round 4 Good

August 18, 2023
Tech Overview

Time to Build:8 Days

Tech Stack:

Quiltt Platform

Quiltt Connector


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In today’s digital era, consistent fundraising is often the most significant barrier for nonprofits striving to make a lasting impact. Recognizing this challenge, Quiltt leveraged its proprietary technology to create Round 4 Good.

By combining the Quiltt Connector and Data Platform with Webflow’s CMS capabilities, we crafted a low-code application - with no dedicated backend - in mere days, not months.

The outcome? Round 4 Good: a seamless fundraising platform that empowers donors to effortlessly round up spare change, ensuring it goes directly to their chosen nonprofit.


Nonprofits - increasingly pivotal in addressing societal challenges - often face inherent operational hurdles. Chief among these is the challenge of predictable fundraising, combined with technical constraints and difficulty in tapping into small-dollar donations.

Unpredictable Fundraising

Nonprofits grapple with irregularity, relying mainly on sporadic one-off donations or rare sizable annual contributions, making their financial planning challenging.

Technical Limitations

Most nonprofits face technological challenges, often lacking resources or expertise to implement advanced fundraising solutions, resulting in missed opportunities.

Small-Dollar Donation Dilemma

Nonprofits struggle to connect with lower-dollar donors, missing out on a consistent and sizable cumulative donation source.

Technical Infrastructure

At Quiltt, we’re on a mission to dramatically lower technical barriers to innovation in the financial services space. Living up to our mission, we continually harness our own technology to rapidly create products that benefit our community.

Our premier offering, the Quiltt Connector, empowers product builders with a streamlined method to access user financial data — from account verifications to transactions and balances — integrating seamlessly into any application with a mere line of code.

For Round 4 Good, we utilized the Quiltt Connector in conjunction with our primary Quiltt Platform to manage backend financial data, while relying on Webflow to show customer-centric data like nonprofit logos, social media links etc.

Quiltt Platform

Backend application that holds customer financial data. Able to create and customize Quiltt Connectors.

Quiltt Connector

Out-of-the-box integration with MX and Plaid for collecting financial data, money movement, and able to be customized and white-labeled.


Utilizing Webflow’s CMS, unique landing pages were created for nonprofits with their logos, mission statements, social links, and more. These were especially beneficial when a nonprofit couldn’t host the widget on their own site. This also meant that non-technical staff could easily update and maintain the content.

Key Benefits:

  • Rapid Development: Leveraging Quiltt’s technology allowed for swift product creation and customization.

  • Engineering Efficiency:Significant engineering time was saved due to the ‘out of the box’ integrations provided by the Quiltt Connector.

  • Flexibility and Agility:Using Webflow, custom landing pages for nonprofits could be set up in a jiffy, ensuring there’s minimal disruption in their fundraising efforts.


The launch of Round 4 Good stands as a testament to the potential of modern “low code” platforms in enabling rapid product development. By successfully marrying Quiltt’s powerful technology with Webflow’s intuitive design capabilities, the team behind Round 4 Good has demonstrated that high-quality fintech products can be developed without heavy VC backing or prolonged engineering cycles.

Quiltt is leading on it’s mission to empower more businesses in creating efficient fintech solutions, and platforms like Webflow playing a pivotal role in that journey.

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