The Unified API for Financial Data

Access financial data sets from multiple providers standardized on one single data model. Build your fintech experience in a fraction of the time.

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Fast-track your Fintech Experiences
With the Quiltt Connector

Onboard users, connect accounts, and move money effortlessly.

Onboard Users

Onboard your users efficiently and safely. Quiltt Connector creates a simple user-flow sign up process to collect the information you need.

  • Multi-factor authentication with email or phone.

  • Collect Know your customer data such as name, email, birth dates and more.

  • Validate email based on DNS records and physical addresses on USPS.

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Connect Accounts

Login to your bank account using industry standard encryption and best practices.

  • Quick and easy way to get account and transaction information.

  • Verify accounts and identity directly from banking providers.

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Sync account balances and transactions ongoing.

  • Monitor account balances and transactions.

  • Enrich underlying data to improve customer profiles.

  • Always have streaming access to the best understanding of your user.

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