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Announcing Fintech’s First “Easy Button” — The Quiltt Connector
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Quiltt Connector

Fast-Track Your Fintech Experiences

Quiltt empowers you to quickly connect customer financial data, stitch relevant APIs, and deploy intelligent workflows to bring innovative financial experiences to market.

Quiltt Connector - Fintech's First Easy Button - The Quiltt Connector | Product Hunt

Partnered with:

  • Plaid
  • MX
  • Spade

Easy Connection. Relevant APIs. Innovative Experiences.

Launch and scale your fintech experiences with a single source of truth for customer data.

  • Expanding collection of Financial API Integrations

    You connect with new APIs within seconds, we manage the integration

  • Connect Accounts with one line of code

    Easily embed the connector within your application with no heavy engineering work

  • Build on a single data model

    Access data through a unified API, standardized across multiple providers

Fintech’s first “easy button”

Quiltt Connector

Go live with provider-agnostic account aggregation, transaction enrichment and other financial data services, with no upfront engineering required.

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If Quiltt existed 2 years ago, we would have saved 18 months, over a million dollars, and at least 50% of our engineering headcount.

Get started with the Quiltt Connector
in 2 minutes

No Backend RequiredNo Card Required