Product Updates

Quiltt Product Updates - February 2024

Zane Pickett
Engineering Lead
March 6, 2024

Welcome to the Quiltt product updates for February 2024, showcasing our recent advancements toward lowering technical barriers for individuals and teams building in financial services. Explore what’s new and how we're improving Quiltt, one update at a time.


FinGoal integration

You can now enable FinGoal using Quiltt-managed keys in Sandbox.

Create Connectors directly in Dashboard

You can now create Connectors directly in the Dashboard, without having to contact Quiltt Support.

MX + Plaid Processor Tokens

Quiltt now supports generating Processor tokens for MX-connected accounts and Plaid-connected accounts. See the Processor Token endpoint docs for more information.

accountVerified GraphQL Subscription

You can now subscribe to real-time account verification events via GraphQL. This allows your frontend to be notified when an Account on Profile has been verified for money movement.

Connection Subscriptions are now generally available

You can now subscribe to [.highlight]`connection.created`[.highlight] and [.highlight]`connection.updated`[.highlight] events in GraphQL, using the [.highlight]`connectionCreated`[.highlight] and [.highlight]`connectionUpdated`[.highlight] subscriptions respectively.



  • Improved handling of MX errors in Connector
  • Improve monitoring of provider errors in Connector
  • Notify Quiltt Support if Plaid redirect url setting is incorrect
  • Notify organization admin(s) if self-serve Plaid redirect url setting is incorrect
  • Add more specific error responses when looking up data for inactive Connections


  • Profiles can now be searched by associated Connection and Account IDs
  • Styling improvements to Dashboard forms
  • Added support for enabling Liabilities Connector feature in Dashboard
  • Connector Previews now require the Authentication module to be enabled
  • Added status indicators to Connector component
  • Make UTC date displays more human-friendly


  • Improved webhook event documentation
  • Added Quiltt dashboard and doc links in email footer
  • Added Jetpack Compose example for Android SDK
  • Documented how to use GraphQL Subscriptions with React
  • Updated SDK installation guides for different package manager commands (npm, pnpm, yarn)
  • Updated Code examples in the Authentication and Webhook guides


  • Updated MX account type mappings
  • Added ability to filter Connections by Provider
  • Improved unsuccessful responses of the [.highlight]`/ach_numbers`[.highlight] endpoint by returning 403 when a  Connection has not been provisioned for the Account Numbers feature
  • Reduced Webhook noise by ensuring that during Account Numbers syncing only the [.highlight]`account.verified`[.highlight] event is fired instead of the additional [.highlight]`account.updated`[.highlight] event.
  • Added support for Plaid's [.highlight]`last_updated_datetime`[.highlight] balance timestamp
  • Renamed [.highlight]`remoteData.pave.profile`[.highlight] to [.highlight]`remoteData.pave.unifiedInsights`[.highlight] in GraphQL to align with Pave’s naming of the product/endpoint
  • Deprecated and undocumented the legacy Institution source/sources interface in GraphQL


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed occasional cases of MX Forbidden errors in GraphQL
  • Fixed Connector errors due to issues parsing MX errors
  • Fixed sorting profiles by [.highlight] `createdAt`[.highlight]  in Dashboard
  • Fixed loading animations in the Dashboard
  • Fixed validation of profile addresses
  • Fixed nullability issues with Plaid Account [.highlight] `remoteData`[.highlight]
  • Fixed Dashboard Environment Selector occasionally not updating to the current value
  • Fixed QuilttHub GraphiQL explorer scrolling reset issue
  • Fixed broken links to policies
  • Fixed custom html in Connector’s Search Start Screen
  • Fixed issue with Connect customization text when updating Connector in the Dashboard
  • Fixed issue with Connectors in Dashboard erasing the "express" setting
  • Fixed false positive [.highlight] `connection.synced.errored.provider`[.highlight]  event
  • Fixed balance syncing for Plaid Capital One accounts
  • Fixed SDK doc links and wordings
  • Fixed Dashboard settings page failing to load with certain environment configurations
  • Fixed unhandled errors launching Connect provider flow

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