Product Updates

Quiltt Product Updates - December 2023

Zane Pickett
Engineering Lead
January 8, 2024

Welcome to the Quiltt product updates corner for December 2023, showcasing our recent advancements towards lowering technical barriers for individuals and teams building in financial services. Explore what’s new and how we're making Quiltt better, one update at a time.

Main Features

ACH Routing Number Lookup

The REST Api endpoint (link requires auth) allows you to lookup for Institution data based on routing number. Today this endpoint returns a collection of matches, as routing numbers may be shared, each with the Institution Name, and logo url.

Breaking Changes

  • Rename Deployments to Clients

GraphQL API - 2024-01-01

GraphQL API has been updated with a number of breaking changes for the new year, that are mostly renames to established functionality.

One of the bigger changes is how we handle disconnected connections. As we prepare to release true multiple aggregator support, disconnected connections will no longer be hidden from the connectionsQuery. This opens the door for the future ability to relink these disconnected connections directly, just like providing a selected institution.

Add Institution Select to [.highlight]`connectorMxInitialize` [.highlight]& [.highlight]`connectorPlaidInitialize`[.highlight]

Breaking Changes

  • Rename [.highlight]`transactionsConnection`[.highlight] to [.highlight]`transactions`[.highlight]
  • Replace existing array style transactions query with connection style queries
  • Rename [.highlight]`connectionDelete` [.highlight] to [.highlight]`connectionDisconnect`[.highlight]
  • [.highlight]`connections`[.highlight] now additionally returns Disconnected Connections
  • Rename [.highlight] `Connection.sourceType` [.highlight] to [.highlight] `Connection.provider`[.highlight]


Renames Connection Features:

  • Identity becomes Account Owners
  • Account Verification becomes Account Numbers
  • Transactions is split into Transactions and unreleased History

Query for Verified Accounts in GraphQL

This feature allows you to filter for accounts that have been verified for money movement.

graphql query [.highlight]{ connection(id: "conn_12345") { id accounts(filter: {verified: true}) { id type verified } } }[.highlight]


Released a beta version of iOS SDK allowing for seamless integration of the Quiltt Connector into your iOS app.


  • Remove polling in accounts query and rely on subscriptions for changes in QuilttHub
  • Improved edge cases handling in Connector during Connect
  • Improve GraphQL guides and prune content
  • Improve Mx reactivity to Mx data after creating a new connection
  • Improved Account Names
  • Drop support for deprecated Embed clients
  • Introduced an improved ACH Account numbers endpoint
  • Add new schemas documenting Webhook events
  • Improve Syncing Speed on non transactions MX Connections

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with Connector flashing while redirecting
  • Fixed occasional race condition causing errors when creating MX Connections
  • Fixed incorrect Auth guide examples
  • Fixed no-op back buttons in the Connector, particularly with during Enroll and Institution Search
  • Fixed unhandled GraphQL errors from rendering 422
  • Fixed Error boundary catching errors during connector connect phase
  • Fixed error message when attempting to repair a disconnected connection

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