Product Updates

Quiltt Product Updates - April 2024

Zane Pickett
Engineering Lead
May 2, 2024

Welcome to the Quiltt product updates for April 2024, showcasing our recent advancements toward lowering technical barriers for individuals and teams building in financial services. Explore what’s new and how we're improving Quiltt, one update at a time.


Use Quiltt-provided Ntropy credentials in Sandbox

You can now enable the Ntropy integration without needing to obtain API keys from Ntropy. This functionality is available in Sandbox environments.

Remote Enrichment

You can now send raw transaction data to to have it enriched based on your environment's integrations. Today we are launching the ability to enrich Treasury Prime with Fingoal. See the documentation here.



  • Reintroduce the Grid to the default view for the Institutions Search Screen


  • Deprecated Institution.logos and [.highlight]Transaction.logos[.highlight] fields. Use [.highlight]Institution.logo[.highlight] and [.highlight]Transaction.logo[.highlight] respectively instead.


  • Introduce an [.highlight]account.reconnected[.highlight] webhook event, to allow you to subscribe to when an account has been relinked to a new connection.
  • Improve Transaction Syncing Time
  • Expose BALANCES as a Connection feature to allow more nuanced support and anti-support of this data. Most Institutions provide this data by default, so this will not impact your current connectors; but going forward you may filter out any Institutions that do not support balances. The new Balances features is now enabled on all new Connectors by default
  • Improve syncing in situations in which the integration fails to provide currency information

Developer Experience

  • Document Reconnecting Connections with the Javascript API
  • Added an alert for the connector passcode screen
  • Improved documentation on Connector features
  • Rename Data Access to Account Aggregation to make our documentation more consistent with the dashboard

Remote Data Documentation (REST)

  • Added Profiles to Fingoal Examples
  • Update examples to match MX's OpenAPI Schema
  • Updated Pave’s Insights Example
  • Add Missing Examples for Plaid Investments
  • Normalize Remote Data Pathing by Renaming MX [.highlight]'/users/{user_guid}/accounts/{account_guid}'[.highlight] to [.highlight]'/users/{user_guid}/accounts'[.highlight]

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error removing administrators with simulated User Sessions.
  • Fixed 'Schedule Onboarding call' script where form only appears on first click and disappears when closed
  • Fixed AlertDialog Cancel and Action button
  • Reenabled autofocus on passcode form
  • Fixed issue with trying to Refresh Balances on Damaged Connections
  • Handle issues with Mx losing profile records in development during maintenance
  • Fix issues with Real-Time Balance checks not bubbling Error Repairable correctly
  • Fixed error message when attempting to simulate errors on disconnected connections.
  • Fixed visual bugs on mobile
  • Added padding to so logo isn't block by hamburger nav
  • Removed weird cut-off for long texts in ConnectorList cards
  • Fixed issue with Repair Mode Flow when Mx Search Bypass is enabled
  • Fixed issue where Connection Error status could become misrepresented due to race conditions with Mx
  • Fixed stale account list after disconnecting a Connection in Quiltt Hub.
  • Trigger an initial sync of Plaid Investments Data when it's the only selected feature
  • Fixed Issue with Plaid's Investments Holdings Remote Data not show up correctly in GraphQL
  • Fixed websocket connection in QuilttHub
  • Fixed hasNextPage pagination field on Transactions query in GraphQL
  • Fixed Institution.logos field resolver when Environment is enabled for an enrichment provider.
  • Fixed broken GraphQL introspection when no filterable integrations are available

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