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Product Updates

November 2022 Product Updates

It was an exciting November! We’re committed to making Quiltt the best it can be, and we hope you enjoy these new features! If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by filling out the form below.

New Docs Experience

We’ve launched a brand new documentation site with integration Guides and dedicated Reference pages for Quiltt’s APIs. The new experience is available now at

Account Balance Timestamps

To give clients greater visibility into how current an account balance is in Quiltt, we added balance timestamps, which indicate when the balance data was last synced with the upstream aggregation provider. To learn more, see the `AccountBalance` type definition in the GraphQL API Reference for more information.


We’re excited to announce that Webhooks are now available on the Quiltt platform, allowing clients to subscribe to changes to their user profiles and associated data. To set up a webhook subscription, see our Webhooks guide and the Webhooks section of our Admin API Reference.

Dashboard Enhancements

Clients can now filter for users with connections from specific data sources.  For example, you can now filter for users who have a Plaid connection.  Additionally, we’ve significantly improved the search experience, allowing you to quickly search for users by email address, names, and other fields.