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Jenn Starr joins Quiltt as Head of Marketing

Jenn Starr
Head of Marketing
January 31, 2023

We’re thrilled to announce that Jenn Starr has joined Quiltt as our head of marketing!

Jenn has a wealth of experience working with B2B seed-stage companies and is a startup founder herself, with her last startup going through 500 Startups and growing two of her own marketing agencies to acquisition. Jenn has a track record of coming in as a marketing department of one, building successful marketing engines from the ground up and helping define key metrics that have led companies to a successful Series A fundraise.

"Jenn is the rare leader who combines creativity and positivity with an unstoppable drive to execute. She joins Quiltt at an exciting time as we prepare to launch out of beta. I look forward to partnering with her to get our message out to the next wave of builders in fintech." - Ruben Izmailyan, Co-Founder & CEO

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to join the Quiltt team. The product is truly remarkable, offering a low-code solution for seamlessly integrating various APIs and customer data to create cutting-edge fintech experiences. I have been consistently impressed by everything at Quiltt, from the product itself to the talented team behind it. The future looks bright for Quiltt and I am excited to be a part of it.” - Jenn Starr

Outside of work, you can find Jenn at the closest MLB park! She lives and breathes baseball and is a die-hard Houston Astros fan. She's currently on a mission to watch a game at all 30 stadiums, and should be halfway through by the end of 2023! When Jenn isn't busy cheering on the Astros, you can find her lifting weights, making cheesecakes, and traveling with her wife and 2 kids.

Please join us in welcoming Jenn to the Quiltt team! You can find her on LinkedIn

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