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Building a Simple Transaction List with Quiltt's GraphQL API

Ruben Izmailyan
Co-Founder, CEO
December 13, 2023

Building a Simple Transaction List with Quiltt's GraphQL API

Setting Up Your Account with Quiltt Connector

Begin by integrating your financial accounts, such as a checking account, with Quiltt using the Quiltt Connector. This step links your account data with Quiltt's platform.

Exploring Data with the GraphQL Query

Navigate to the GraphQL Explorer, a powerful tool within Quiltt that allows you to craft and customize your data queries. Start with a basic query to fetch information about your connected accounts and their respective transactions.

Enriching Your Query with Transaction Details

Next, you can expand the query to include transaction details. In the 'Accounts' section of the query, add elements such as transaction dates, amounts, descriptions, and statuses. This expansion is where your query begins to take shape, transforming raw data into a structured and meaningful list.

Executing the Query and Viewing Results

Execute your enriched query by hitting the 'Play' button. The results is a list of transactions from your account, each entry complete with the specified details you needed.

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