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Let your customers manage all their financial account connections in one place - linking, unlinking, repairing and more.

A Complete Picture of your Customer, No Backend Required.

Quiltt Connect stitches together all your customer's accounts into a complete, context-rich financial picture, freeing you to focus on your core innovations. Connect comes pre-integrated with Plaid, and ships with a suite of drop-in widgets, customizable UI components, and API operations that can be seamlessly incorporated into your product.

Embed the widget with just a few lines of code:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />
Bank Connect Interface

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Account Connection Management Made Simple

Connect is built for all stages of growth.

Ready Out of the Box

Easily configurable to match your branding and make it yours.

No Backend Required

Quiltt takes cares of token exchanges, syncing, account deduplication, and more.

Open Source UI Kit

The components that make up Connect are fully customizable to fit any design system.

Total Control via API

For a 100% custom experience, everything Connect provides can be accessed via our GraphQL API.

Pre-integrated with Banking Data

Connect works seamlessly with Plaid's industry-leading data network.

Pre-integrated with Crypto Data

Support for dozens of crypto wallets is coming soon. Contact us to learn more.