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Introduction to Quiltt API

AnchorGetting Access

To get started with the Quiltt API, request beta access by contacting

Once we have gathered your initial requirements, you will be provisioned access to the Quiltt Dashboard where you can retrieve API Credentials for each of your Quiltt environments.

AnchorGraphQL + REST

Quiltt is a hybrid API. We leverage the power of GraphQL to support rich open-ended interactions with your customer’s financial data, and rely on REST for authentication and administrative concerns.

AnchorProtocols & Headers

The Quiltt API is served over HTTPS to ensure data security; requests sent over HTTP will not be processed.

All POST requests must include a Content-Type header set to application/json and must have a valid JSON body.


Quiltt is built on top of a flexible environment system. Each of your environments serves as an isolated container for your deployments, users and 3rd party integrations.

The SANDBOX environments supports unlimited mock operations, suitable for integration testing and local development, while DEVELOPMENT and PRODUCTION environments support live operations.

To migrate between different environments, simply use a different set of API Credentials.


A Deployment is the primary interface to programatically interact with A Quiltt environment. Each environment will typically be provisioned with one or more deployments, depending on your use-case and integration needs.