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Deployment Secret Management


Your Deployment Secret serves as the API Key for most deployment-level requests in Quiltt. This endpoint allows you to validate that your secret is valid.


Pass in your Deployment Secret in the Authorization header.

AnchorThe Deployment Object


id string
name string
environment string
organization string

AnchorCheck Deployment Secret


Verify that your Deployment Secret is valid.

Successful requests will return up-to-date information about your Deployment.

AnchorRequest Example

AnchorResponse Examples

200 OK

"id": "7d86b825-f937-4cb5-97cc-384603736d7b",
"name": "My Project",
"environment": "Sandbox",
"organization": "Pied Piper"

401 Unauthorized

"message": "Not Authenticated",
"instruction": "Are you setting the `Authorization` header?"